My own Personal Space (Kinda.)

I can learn. I can see. But the sad thing is, I can forget too. Unfortunately, for all of us, forgetting is rather easy than learning.

So, now, I will record, document everything I will consider to be cool, or interesting, or anything in between. (Mostly science)

I don’t even know why am I writing this. Who am I writing this for? Maybe myself. But I know why I write and what my plans are.

But, just in case I forget.




I don’t believe in the notion of GOD. But nonetheless, I have a god.

My GOD is the overexaggerated version of me. So in a way, I am always chasing my god. Always. I want to be him. Not like him, him.

So, my god is like this.

First off, his name is REDBEARD.

He is calm as fuck. He minds his own business. He wants to make people he cares about happy. He does what he decides. He loves work. He works all day. He made SUNDAY. SUNDAY is an AI which runs his home, his life. He does not believe in love. He does not want to waste his time. He wants to improve. He does what he wants to.

He is not influenced by people easily. He remembers everything. He has a mind palace of his own, in which he stores things. In there he stores everything you can imagine. He has extensive deductive powers as well. He can work his way through your head moments after you meet him.

He believes everything you can imagine is not impossible.


Hi, I am me.

Me is focused on reality. Obsessed with reality. Me wants no facade in between him and the real world. So, he is doing everything he can to remove this facade.

The first step being writing a blog almost every day, whenever he feels like. Also, me doesn’t want anyone to know about this. He prefers aloneness.

He says alone is together.

When he is alone, he thinks, he can get the best guidance. Me wants to be guided by himself and his observation. He wants no one to tell how the world is. He wants to decide for himself. And when he can’t, he observes. Everything is. he believes right in front of us, we voluntarily decide not to pay attention.

So, this is the story of me.

Me, picking strands of reality and weaving them in a way no one would put their hands on.

Nonetheless, the truth is, everyone prefers a facade. A fake persona to carry around, to show to everyone just how awesome they are. I don’t despise such people, I feel sorry for them, they are living THEIR life caring more about what OTHERS think of them.

Me does not give a fuck what others think about him, excluding a certain number of people he gives a fuck about.

So, yeah, this is it. I am not writing this for anybody, but me. At least that’s what I think.

The reality is, I secretly want this blog to be a huge success. So, yes I am taking precautions to make this blog sound great.


I HATE reality. But that’s the truth.

Dread it, run from it, the truth still arrives.

Anyways, meet you tomorrow. Goodbye.