Drawing the curtains off stage fear.

Ever wondered why what you feel, you feel when you get up on the stage or try to talk with that new girl in your class?
No. Well, no problem I will get you wondering.

That’s rejection getting hold of you. The fear of getting denied, the fear of getting to hear that words which convey sense of ‘no’ ness. This fear gets up whenever you decide to speak up, speak up on stage. Some call it stage fear, I call it fear of getting rejected. Fear of getting rejected by your scrummage.

And, this fear is at full force when asking her out. And there are times when I wonder what would the world be like if we experience a fear of rejection while hurling insults at each other, similar to what we fell while proposing.
So, it really should have been this way. The world would have been such a “lovely” place. The most confident of us would be giving insults. They would have been the ‘playboys’.

For those who have never experienced this feel of rejection, basically those of you who do not have stage fear, try this.
Go to a stranger (I would recommend a well-built man) and ask for 1000 rupees straight. The feeling that you will get while going to him is this so-called stage fear. And he will probably say no, and in a way you will probably not like, cause this is India.

Hang on and I will explain it to you how I got rid of this fear, and how you can too.

Now starts the real talk. Is rejection really important in life? Lets get the antonym do work as well. Does acceptance and rejection really have to do something or at least anything in your life?? Most of you would say yes, acceptance is bliss. We love acceptance but not getting rejected.

Now, embracing the original sassy nature of mine, I will link this whole thing about rejection and acceptance to my previous blog. So if you haven’t yet checked it out, check it out now in ...here...Β 

So there, I talked a lot about combination and stuff.

Combination is altogether acceptance and refusal combined in an illusively awesome way.

Combination happens when acceptance happens and rejection of what does not suit in it.

Basically, what I mean to say can be explained by physics. Consider an atom, if it is massive it ‘rejects’ electrons and other awesome particles and radiation every now and then. And when it accepts, there happens to be a new bond formation in there.

So here in life, we accept each others habits, emotions, feelings and we happen to form a bond between ourselves.

So what are you? A perfect symmetry of acceptance and rejections combined.

Atoms reject as well. Those fundamental particles. But what do physicists call it? They call it by this fancy name — Decay. And they have a whole force explaining this as well. That’s kinda cool. It’s called weak nuclear force.

So, the constant fear of “decay” decays you.

But. What is the fault of rejection that you fear it? This odd-looking question has a deep understanding hidden beneath it. You are frightened by that cockroach as well. So why not treat this rejection as if it is a tiny cockroach?Β 

Learn to live with it. And how? Get an encounter with it now and then, again and again. And after sometime you will notice that the cockroach that you feared the previous time you saw seems like just another thing which exists with you on this not-so-huge planet.

Acceptance and rejection are things which made you. Don’t let them destroy you. Would Shirley Setia be decayed by this fear of rejection, would we be able to enjoy her melodious voice and smile? And Casey Niestat be destroyed by being rejected again and again would we have had an amazing vlogger as he is right now? Definitely not.

And if you have made it this far. Thanks.!! Thank you from the core of my heart.

And this is why i love writing. When i was thinking, researching about this, I found a gem on TED. It is the best talk i have ever came across. I am gonna link it right here.
Hope you enjoyed this write up of mine. Stay tuned. Third one coming soon. Thank you for reading again.

Thoughts by–
Ayaan Y Retiwala


One word for all & being the perfect human!Β 

There is one word behind every speck of knowledge we have ever and will ever acquire. That thing actually if ceases to exist we wouldn’t be existing as well. And the good food that our mummy feeds us would be no more delicious. But why? Who’s the culprit behind this? Combination. Combination is the thing that keeps us alive and is the thing that is responsible for you being so nice and reading this so-called blog of mine. 

What we find odd in life is combination. Like you are finding it right now. Allow me to walk you through this. We find the combination of 7 colours of light combining into a single ray odd. Well, if not thank Newton because he got the oddness of it and evened it.

I got the oddness of that word rather than it’s one phenomenon and rummaged along the whole territory it covers.

The master word in our life is combination. We as humans tend to ask questions too much (and that’s what accounts for trouble most of the times πŸ˜›). Combination of what? Well, that depends on your frame of reference. 

The point at which human race started to discover, invent is the point when we started asking questions to this great word.  What is an atom? Physics tells us that it is a combination of fundamental particle​s. But what about fundamental particles? Well, there has to be something fundamental. Even in our life, like most of us have principles. Which governs our lives. On basis of which we live our lives.

Fundamental particles act in the same way in atoms as emotions, feelings act in our lives. Emotions are fundamental to our existence.

Same way as combination of fundamental particles make an atom. More essentially, the combination of fundamental particles in right proportion make a perfect atom, in the same way the combination of right proportion of emotions make a complete human, a complete living being. 

So according to this principle, all of us can be perfect like an atom in ground state. 

But another surrounding atom influences another atom as well, same as people living around us influence us. 

Surrounding atoms exchange atoms and an atom all alone constantly radiates ( if and only if containing more fundamental particles). 

Same way a human with excess emotions constantly “radiates” them. And also exchanges them with another human. This disturbs us humans from becoming perfect. 

So is getting away from human activity the answer to being a perfect human?

Not at all.!

Actually it’s not the right way to think. If you belong to a physics background or at least understand some physics you would know that an atom undergoes bond formation with another atom it “likes” and becomes stable. 

This is love. The bond which forms occasionally between humans. This love makes twoself (as in both genders) stable. And helps them keep up the right proportion​ of emotions. Thus written, now its time for me to stop aching you head and if you are still reading, thanks. Thanks from the core of my πŸ’“. 

At last in English grammar and all, if your teacher asks you to give one word for many, write combination cause essentially that’s what it is. One word for all.

Thoughts by – 

Ayaan Y Retiwala